1. The Happy Hour: The Old Pale cocktail 🍸via @absolutdrinks

    The Happy Hour: The Old Pale cocktail 🍸via @absolutdrinks


    3 Parts Bourbon
    1 Part Dry Vermouth
    1 Part Campari
    1 Peel Lemon

    Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon.


    Via Absolutedrinks.com


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  2. Webster Style Magazine Podcast 20- Is to too early to think about the fall?

    Webster Style Magazine Podcast 20- Is to too early to think about the fall?


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    In this episode we come to the realization that Summer is almost over and Fall will soon make its entrance. We look at summer sale items, must have items for fall, a product review from PocketSquarez.com, a review of the new Kill Shakespearemini series, and details about The Board of Directors’ 2nd annual Makings of a Man Symposium. Intro and Outro music entitled Changes (It’s…

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  3. The Mask of Night Expands The @KillShakespeare Universe while removing hearts.

    The Mask of Night Expands The @KillShakespeare Universe while removing hearts.


    SavedPicture-2014625182448.pngPirates and the high seas set the scene for the return of the acclaimed series Kill Shakespearewith the new mini series The Mask of Night published by IDW. The Mask of Night sees the return of Hamlet, Othello, and Juliet while introducing us to new versions of Viola and Cesario from the Shakespearean comedy Twelfth Night. As our story unfolds, our heroes find themselves on the ship of the pirate…

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  4. Talking Tech with @WilliamMapp3 on @Biztechinsider

    Talking Tech with @WilliamMapp3 on @Biztechinsider


    We had the pleasure of being a guest on Briefcase Radio on WEAA.org this past Sunday with host and developer William Mapp of BizTechInsider and The Sync fame. EIC Elden Hawkes and Herlen Bess talked with William about small business security, the mobile summer, and Target’s Christmas Massacre. Check it out for great tips to keep your data secure and to find out what’s going on in the mobile space.

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  5. The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer

    The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer


    SavedPicture-2014710191921.jpgThere are a variety recipes for our featured cocktail the Tequila Slammer. Some use champagne (or other sparkling wines), while others use Sprite or similar carbonated beverages. We are presenting one featuring ginger beer, because frankly we love ginger beer. Ginger beer plus your finest tequila is a combination that we can’t resist.

    * 1 Shot Tequila
    * 1 Shot Ginger Beer


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  6. Bow Tie Thursday with @Switchwood

    Bow Tie Thursday with @Switchwood


    Bow ties have traditionally been seen as a creation of twisting and sewing fabric of all types and hues into magnificent neck adornments. In recent years there have been quite a number of companies who have set out to innovative the bow tie through the use of a new material; wood. One such company that is blazing a trail with the wooden bow tie is SwitchWood.

    Developed by designer Drew Storm…

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  9. Webster Style Magazine Podcast 19: Cobbled Together

    Webster Style Magazine Podcast 19: Cobbled Together


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    This episode features an interview from Awesome Con with artist Heather Larkin and talk about current June posts featuring Jillian Ashley and Paul Fredrick. We also talk about cost effective ways to keep up your shoe game. Intro and Outro music entitled Changes (It’s Time) by J Hill the Singer (http://jhillthesinger.bandcamp.com).

    Find more on Heather Larkin: http://www.LarkinHeath…

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